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Web Developer

In : Development Date : 2016-12-20

Location: Any


Web Designer

In : UI Design Date : 2016-12-20

Location: Any


Human Resource Manager

In : Human Resource Date : 2016-12-20

Location: Any


Customer Support Agent

In : Support Date : 2016-12-20

Location: Any

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Career @ Onlyhitss

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Kiso Kanth

  • General Manager

I'm Kisokanth positioned as a Marketing Manager since 6th January 2014. I am glad to work with Onlyhitss Entertainment. I started my career as an Ads Publisher with our site from 13th February 2013 to 5th January 2014. We work hard towards our Success


  • Head Of Design

Hi There This is Faamil, Senior Creative Graphic Designer.I Work for Onlyhitss since 2015, I really Happy to work with this entertainment based business. I am pretty sure i will design cool things for Onlyhitss, because design is very important for brands such as Onlyhitss.